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Secure the win with an executive coaching program that supports CEOs and their leadership teams to execute on their three-year strategic plan. Gain clarity, guidance, ongoing education, and an extra degree of accountability to ensure your team is sticking to the game plan every quarter.


This 100% confidential engagement assists CEOs and their teams to develop the daily, weekly, and monthly practices required to achieve a 3 year business vision. Using leading edge business development frameworks, Randy keeps you and your team focused on the Strategy, Talent, Customer, Profit, Systems and Execution of business objectives.


Blitz Workshop

The program kicks off with a two-day work session with the leadership team. Together, we create a three-year strategic plan and one page road map to scale up your business.

Game Play Reviews

We meet with the leadership team each month for ½ day to review execution, metrics, and troubleshoot challenges. 

Quarterly Huddles

We meet with the leadership team each quarter to introduce a new level of education to take your game to the next level.

Depth Chart Progress Reviews

Randy meets with the CEO monthly for 1 on 1 coaching sessions to work through specific performance goals and implementation challenges.

Tight Coverage

Randy is available 24/7 for emergency assistance. When you need support, Randy is in your corner.


  • Increase cash flow and profitability.

  • Boost morale and employee productivity.

  • Catalyze growth and achieve goals faster.

  • Sharpen strategic skills of leadership team.

  • Dominate your market and stay ahead of the competition.


Begin by completing my Growth Assessment.

This assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete. It will evaluate how your business measures up in the areas of strategy, talent, customer, profit, execution, leadership, and systems.

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"After 15 years of running my business, I needed someone to help me communicate to my team how they can step up and move the company forward. After working with Randy, my executive team became clear of expectations and are now able to run departments like they own them. The business strategy has moved out of my head, thus the business moves upward even when I am out of the office."

Mark Spatz, President | Sterlitech Corporation

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