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Let the new games begin. After a 15-month shutdown, most service and person-to-person businesses are in “FULL HIRE MODE.” The new employees and old are being recruited into businesses that have changed, some dramatically and others subtly.

The operative word here is “CHANGED,” and many of you won’t realize it until a rehired employee points it out and says, “that’s new.” This is a golden opportunity for your business to “set a new standard operating (service) procedure through proper “TRAINING.”

“CHALK TALK IS NOT ENOUGH” – Deliberate Discipline Is Required

1. Make note, a check list if you will of changes to the way you now do business versus a year ago and SET A NEW STANDARD way of doing things for everyone to follow.

2. Write the changed or NEW PROCESS STEPS down.

3. TRY THEM OUT on someone who is new or someone who does not usually do the work. They will ask great questions.

4. CHECK to see if you have left anything out and/or find something that can be improved.

5. ACT it out again, rinse and repeat until perfected or stabilized.

The pressure on companies to “Ramp UP” and recover from the downturn is intense. THE DANGER of imploding after hiring a bunch of newbies, inadequately preparing and training them to meet your customers brand expectations is also very very real.

I have been there, and it is not pretty. It is downright painful. The loss of customer trust and costs of rework, service credits, and lost tips cannot be underestimated. THEY WILL HAUNT YOU.


Accept that your old workforce has likely moved on, and you will be training newbies of every type, veterans in your industry and not. Veterans in your industry bring old habits; “ah yeah I know how to do that. You; “Okay, show me.” Trust, but verify.

BE OPEN MINDED to suggestions. Your business does not corner the market on great ideas. That is one of the beauties of “new blood.” They get to ask “WHY” do we do it that way? What about….” Take on the challenge and relearn WHY yourself. You may have a break-through.


That is the silver lining to these disruptions of our businesses. We find ways to pivot, change, innovate, and adopt new practices TO SURVIVE, and then often can leverage them TO THRIVE. ‘

Everything from remote working tools and practices to “QR” codes on restaurant menus will be important parts of our future. New health and safety standards in workplaces will improve the work environment.

DO NOT FALL PREY to hiring anyone who can “fog a mirror” just because you have work to do. YOU WILL PAY DEARLY. Take it from someone who has been there and not proud of it. That is why I implore you to TAKE THE TIME to see if they are a good fit and a solid addition to your team.

I can guarantee it is PAY ME NOW or PAY ME LATER TIME, and you know which one will be much cheaper.


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