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Leaders; "What to Do When Employees are Anxious, Afraid and Asking for Answers?" You step up and LEAD. Even if you don't have all the answers it's critical to communicate what you do know and how you plan to face the current situation. This is a Russell Wilson - Tom Brady moment. You know the picture, when they walk up and down the bench encouraging their team that they CAN WIN. Your team needs to know that you have a plan and are confident in the success of that plan. Below are my 4 plays for you.

My “Recession Playbook”

1. Share the brutal facts. That’s right, tell them what they probably already know because they want to hear from you that YOU KNOW and are doing something about it. You’ll likely fill in some of the picture for them as well. By acknowledging the “obvious” and painting the real picture you are treating them with respect and they’ll respect you in return. 2. Over Communicate. Employee’s minds are going a thousand miles a minute and for every point that is made they are interpreting the impacts to them and their families. So, they won’t “hear” the next points you make and won’t ask the questions they have because you’ve moved on to the next point. So, you’ll have to repeat them again and again. Until the questions dwindle off…. until tomorrow when they have more (because of questions from their spouses, partners, and friends ). 3. Share Your Plan to survive and/thrive. You don’t need to have a plan to conquer the world; just one to stay afloat in the chaos, providing direction, serving customers and meeting payroll. Be firm and positive about “getting through this.” Knowing that the leader has a plan and vision for a positive result will provide the “hope” needed to believe in their future. 4. Set near-term goals. Simply focusing on next steps will bring down the workforce’s blood pressure and provide the sense of day to day “purpose” they need to keep their minds out of overdrive and into a “new normal.” Achieving “small wins” will go a long way for team spirit.

Need a sounding board during these chaotic times?

Schedule time with me today for a no-nonsense and no-obligation strategy session. I can help you lead your company to a new normal and move into recovery and rebuilding as a collective force.

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